Inverse Condemnation

Riverside County property owners are sometimes faced with troubling circumstance: Whether it is a street-widening project, construction of a government property, or some other public works, the property owner is suffering as a result of the project. Isn’t this eminent domain? Well, it should have been. But there are times when the government (a) doesn’t want to pay for all of the impacts of its public project, or (b) doesn’t anticipate that its public project will cause the damage that eventuates. In these circumstances, you need to contact Riverside County Inverse Condemnation Lawyer David Hubbard.

Inverse condemnation is, effectively, an eminent domain case that the government refuses to acknowledge. In short, a property owner has an inverse condemnation cause of action when the government engages in a public project and damages private property without paying just compensation. Inverse condemnation can arise from an accident, neglect, mistake or intentional omission. Many of the legal principles applicable to eminent domain are also applicable to inverse condemnation, but there are several significant differences.

Not many attorneys in the Inland Empire know how to win an inverse condemnation action. Riverside County Inverse Condemnation Attorney David Hubbard not only knows how to win inverse condemnation cases, he has won Riverside County inverse condemnation trials.

Riverside County judges handling an inverse condemnation case know when David Hubbard is the attorney presenting an inverse condemnation action, they are in for a refresher course on inverse condemnation law. While inverse condemnation is recognized as one of the most difficult types of cases to win, David Hubbard knows how to prepare, manage and win an inverse condemnation action. Because of Mr. Hubbard's successes and reputation, attorneys he doesn't even know refer inverse condemnation cases to him from well outside Riverside County, from San Diego to San Luis Obispo.

Some clients have told David Hubbard that they had trouble finding an eminent domain lawyer - the blunt truth is that a good inverse condemnation lawyer is a needle in a haystack of eminent domain lawyers. While inverse condemnation is similar to eminent domain, it is much more difficult to prepare and successfully present an inverse condemnation action. There are not many attorneys willing to fight the hard fight, work the nights and weekends necessary when it is time to win the difficult hearings and later, to prevail at trial. Riverside County Inverse Condemnation Lawyer David Hubbard has always been willing to do the difficult work necessary to prevail in an inverse condemnation action. He will do that work for you, if you have a viable inverse condemnation action and are willing to follow Mr. Hubbard's guidance.

Client Reviews
"Dave has been my attorney on several eminent domain matters over many years. Dave prepares for the end result from the very beginning. His end results have been great for me and my family." Robert
"I told Dave right away that the case stressed me out, I wanted it over right away. Dave promised me that he would bear all of the stress as long as I gave him a chance to get me more money. He accomplished both tasks." Barbara
"I loved the visual of Dave by himself at one end of counsel’s table, with the government represented by three attorneys on the other end. The jury noticed. We were awarded a substantial victory by a jury that obviously liked Dave a lot." Paul