California Supreme Court

One doesn’t have a right to be heard by the California Supreme Court. As with much of life, there is some luck involved. The California Supreme Court hears a small percentage of the cases that are presented to it. Most cases are rejected because the issues they present are redundant to cases already resolved, do not present issues of compelling relevance, or simply do not raise issues that were not competently resolved in lower courts (the trial or appellate courts).

Riverside County Eminent Domain Lawyer David Hubbard was integrally involved in an eminent domain case that was decided by the California Supreme Court in 2007. Mr. Hubbard was the only attorney involved in that case from start to finish. Mt. San Jacinto Community College District v. Azusa Pacific University (2007) 117 Cal.App.4th was a Riverside County eminent domain case in which the lawyers were arguing about Azusa Pacific going forward with the construction of a building even after Mt. San Jacinto Community College had formally committed to taking that area of land through eminent domain. The California Supreme Court affirmed the position Mr. Hubbard had taken at the trial court.

Mr. Hubbard had a second eminent domain case that earned review before the California Supreme Court. In this case, David was the lawyer for a private property owner in Riverside County who was damaged by the delays in his eminent domain case. Mr. Hubbard exposed some of the most egregious practices employed by public agencies in eminent domain and sought to get the Court to change the law. David’s arguments earned a surprise victory at trial. Though the financial award at trial was not impacted, unfortunately, the California Supreme Court grouped Mr. Hubbard’s case with a few others and effectively took no position on the issues Hubbard was promoting. It seems the California legislature took notice, though, as within a year, the law was changed to make accommodations responsive to inequities Mr. Hubbard has exposed.

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Client Reviews
"Dave has been my attorney on several eminent domain matters over many years. Dave prepares for the end result from the very beginning. His end results have been great for me and my family." Robert
"I told Dave right away that the case stressed me out, I wanted it over right away. Dave promised me that he would bear all of the stress as long as I gave him a chance to get me more money. He accomplished both tasks." Barbara
"I loved the visual of Dave by himself at one end of counsel’s table, with the government represented by three attorneys on the other end. The jury noticed. We were awarded a substantial victory by a jury that obviously liked Dave a lot." Paul