Client Reviews

The government treated us so disrespectfully, our ownership group was outraged. At the initial meeting with Mr. Hubbard, we told him we were offered $8,000, but we thought we should get much more. Dave’s mastery of the issues and immediate grasp of our posture made us relax. After the meeting, we agreed: This is our guy. Mr. Hubbard rewarded our confidence with hard work against a team of lawyers on the government side. He turned the government’s $8000 offer into a $2,000,000 win!

- Marilyn B

I had problems with the City for twenty years. Almost all of those problems were what the law calls time-barred – meaning, it was too late for me to do anything about them. Nonetheless, Dave postured my case in a manner that made the city realize that to settle the eminent domain case, and to do the right thing, we needed to make peace over everything. Hire him!

- Ken

Dave has been my attorney on several eminent domain matters over many years. Dave prepares for the end result from the very beginning. His end results have been great for me and my family.

- Robert

I have used Dave on a couple of eminent domain matters. In the first, he had to take the case to trial, where we won 100% of our position. In the second, I was in the early phases of a public project. Dave gave me guidance as to how to negotiate with the government, then he reviewed all of the paperwork. I am very pleased with his efforts. Though I sure don’t want a third eminent domain case, I can guarantee that I will call Dave right away if it happens.

- Steve

I visited Dave for a “free consultation.” All I wanted him to do was review my eminent domain settlement before I signed it, to make sure it was ok. Dave pointed out that a partial taking of my property required an investigation into what he called “severance damages.” A year later, those “severance damages” more than tripled the amount of money I received. That free consultation really paid off!

- Betty

I told Dave right away that the case stressed me out, I wanted it over right away. Dave promised me that he would bear all of the stress as long as I gave him a chance to get me more money. He accomplished both tasks.

- Barbara

I loved the visual of Dave by himself at one end of counsel’s table, with the government represented by three attorneys on the other end. The jury noticed. We were awarded a substantial victory by a jury that obviously liked Dave a lot.

- Paul