Appellate Court

You got your victory at trial – time to celebrate! Not so fast, sometimes. On occasion, David Hubbard has won a large surprise victory from a jury that so disappointed the government lawyers that they challenged the result. To date, Hubbard has never lost a trial victory on appeal. On the other hand, David Hubbard has been able to turn a loss at the trial court into a win on appeal. One can never expect to overturn a trial court result, but eminent domain clients should seek out Riverside County lawyers who have proven capable of defending trial wins, and overturning trial losses, on appeal.

Appellate practice is entirely distinct from trial court practice. Many lawyers practice one or the other. In the appellate court, the probability of getting the Court to hold a hearing on the merits of your case is smaller than at the trial court. When an attorney who suffers a trial court defeat shouts out “We’re going to appeal!” this declaration is not as threatening as it sounds. A small percentage of civil appeals (such as in the field of eminent domain) are successful. Nonetheless, clients need an attorney with the demonstrated experience to win in the appellate courts.

Riverside County Eminent Domain lawyer David Hubbard has prevailed in both the trial courts and the appellate courts on the same cases. When clients hire David Hubbard, they know who will handle their entire case, even if the case is appealed. It is a great benefit to the client to have the same attorney who has handled the trial court case also handle the appeal. For one thing, there is the efficiency of not having to pay a second lawyer to learn the entire case; for another, a rapport between client and attorney is not something to take for granted. Finding two lawyers one trusts is obviously less likely than finding one and sticking with him.

Massive volumes are published annually on updated California appellate rules. A lawyer who has had only a case or two on appeal lacks the experience necessary to navigate appellate court procedures. David Hubbard has had many cases process through appeal – some have settled while on appeal, others have proceeded to a published opinion, and a couple of them continued on to the California Supreme Court. Finding a Riverside County Eminent Domain Lawyer who is comfortable in all of these courts is important, because at the start of a case, nobody knows how, when or where it will be ultimately resolved.

Client Reviews
"Dave has been my attorney on several eminent domain matters over many years. Dave prepares for the end result from the very beginning. His end results have been great for me and my family." Robert
"I told Dave right away that the case stressed me out, I wanted it over right away. Dave promised me that he would bear all of the stress as long as I gave him a chance to get me more money. He accomplished both tasks." Barbara
"I loved the visual of Dave by himself at one end of counsel’s table, with the government represented by three attorneys on the other end. The jury noticed. We were awarded a substantial victory by a jury that obviously liked Dave a lot." Paul